My name is Dana. This is where my over-educated brain dumps live.

I’ve been a lifelong fan of the fandom persuasion, down to being a front-line general in Harry Potter ship wars and a little usenet X-Files baby. But I’m currently a digital refugee from Tumblr. One year clean! I’ve gotten away from it all, but that mostly just means I stopped engaging in fandom through social media. I miss it. I have so very much to say about everything from plot to shipping to etymology to media history. I may squee here. I may go all academe on your ass. I could possibly do both at the same time. Absolutely no engagement with posts is allowed because, frankly, Tumblr ruined that kind of fun for me. If you need to you can hunt me down on Twitter. I write television reviews for The Tracking Board that you can read here.

Rayguns must be disabled at all times while embarked at this station.