Hugo: American Gods (2002)

American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Read December 27, 2009 – December 31, 2009

Premise: Every god that humans have ever worshiped has been brought to the American melting pot and quickly forgotten. And so they’re still wandering around America, a bit lost, functioning covertly as normal people. The “new gods,” those of media, television, the internet etc, are trying to wipe out the old ones because there’s not room for them all in the hearts of the people.

This sounds so exceedingly familiarly like the last book I read. But not. But so. But not.

Verdict: I can see why so many people like this book. I also like this book. I’m not enamored of it and I’m not going to modify my life around it the way one of my friends did in high school (now that I’ve read it I see it’s influence plastered all over her life). But it’s a good book. Unlike Stardust it has a nice shiny, if slightly convoluted, plot. It’s the glittering webs of gorgeous glistening words that he strung on the structure that make me love it. It’s very. Beautifully. Written. The concept is awesome and makes a vital sort of sense to my strange brain. What does happen to the gods when people forget them? I’ve always felt lonely for them, when I start to think too much. At any rate, I enjoyed reading this book and I read it very swiftly. The characterization of the gods was fun and well done and the plot had me going for a very long time. Almost up through the end. Not quite. Some of the plot twists deflated my love for it a tad, but overall it was amazing. Gaiman just can’t give me a book with a punch at the end, can he? I’ll keep trying. I love the worlds he creates. The endings just seem deflated. Admittedly, I’ve only read two of his novels. On, on!

Read it. Everyone else has. It’s made of pure awesome. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you haven’t read it.

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